Clinical Toxicology

Clinical toxicology testing has increased over recent years with options of oral and urine fluid drug testing. It provides important objective information, which assists physicians with the diagnosis and treatment decision-making process.


Pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests DNA to determine a person’s response to specific medications from his or her genetic profile. PGx will find a drug’s effectiveness or toxicity associated with genetic variation.

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Author: Leon Reyfman, M.D., FIPP, RpH, CEO, Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions (ACLS) Over two million people in the U.S. suffer from substance use disorders related to prescription opioid pain relievers, and 47,055 die from drug overdoses every year. Given the persistent

Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions Teams Up with OpiSafe, Offers Physicians Optimal Approach for Prescribing, Managing and Monitoring Opioid Abuse BROOKLYN, NY – September 6, 2016 – Responding to the national crisis of over two million people in the U.S. suffering

ACLS® is beyond the algorithm!

Innovative drug monitoring

  • Evidence based monitoring allows us to expand testing for a broader range of pharmacologic substances.
  • Our state-of-the-art labs allow us to achieve rapid test development for existing and emerging drugs.
  • We actively participate in the development of new tests and assays for all currently tested substances.
  • Dynamic response allows us to develop new tests for illicit, synthetic drugs.
  • Our specialized laboratory techniques allow us to achieve the highest levels of specificity in the industry in identifying pharmacologic substances.
  • We use the latest LC-MS-MS Instruments to keep up with the technological demands of the industry. (We are 1 of a handful of laboratories to provide this level of service in the entire state of New York)

Personalized medicine

  • With the use High-Throughput Genotyping, our clients are able to construct genotype-guided dosing for each patient based on genetic polymorphism.
  • Clients are able to order customized analyses of relevant disease-related biomarkers for each patient.
  • Our recently innovated laboratories allow our clients to predict individual patient’s drug responses with the use of drug-related biomarkers.

Physician centered services

  • Create a customizable test profile with our Physician-Dashboard module.
  • Access a full history of current and past clients, with results in real time.
  • Real-time customer support with toxicologists and pharmacologists through Dash-View and Lab-Interp.
  • Evidence-Based Medicine support through presentation and interpretation of current medical and testing trends.

Sharing the Knowledge

Physicians can use UDT to assist in monitoring treatment plans in a patient-centered fashion, where the patient and physician interests are maintained.


Comprehensive oral fluid test designed to be administered in office, under supervision, eliminating the risk of sample adulteration.


With up to date knowledge and research driven practices, our team is able to provide expert genetic analysis to help avert drug failure and other potential issues.