ACLS Calls for Increased Availability, Expanded Access to Toxicology Testing at Labs Nationwide

Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions Calls for Increased Availability, Expanded Access to Toxicology Testing at Labs Nationwide

Drug testing needs to be more affordable and available in communities across the country

BROOKLYN, NY – August 2, 2016 – With increased national focus on opioid abuse and deaths from drug overdose annually claiming 47,055 lives, Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions, Inc. (ACLS), an independent clinical laboratory specializing in clinical toxicology and pharmacogenetics that provides convenient, high-quality testing services and accurate, timely test results to patients, physicians and medical centers in 20+ states, points to the critical need for individuals nationwide to have greater access to toxicology testing at smaller laboratory testing facilities. Improved scheduling opportunities, faster turnaround of test results, accurate reporting and more competitive pricing – the hallmarks of nimbler and more responsive labs – can make the difference for millions of Americans potentially needing addiction treatment.

“Laboratory drug testing is critical for supporting clinicians, but with insurance costs on the rise, many of those suffering from addiction are unable to get full coverage for lab testing,” says Dr. Leon Reyfman, M.D., CEO, ACLS. “Given the persistent and evolving introduction of new and highly dangerous drugs in communities, drug testing as a primary prevention, diagnostic and monitoring tool can identify the presence or absence of drugs of abuse or therapeutic agents in multiple settings. Making lab testing more affordable and available across communities is essential for preventing drug abuse – and saving lives – especially among teens and young adults.”

Diane J. Savino, re-elected six times to represent the 23rd Senate District in the New York State Senate, in northern Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn, including Sunset Park and Coney Island, reinforces this need, saying, “Addiction to opioids and the use of street drugs, such as the devastating rash of K2 overdoses in New York City, pose serious community issues that impact public health and social welfare. This national epidemic raises the importance of drug testing, and shines a spotlight on the need for insurance coverage when these tests are performed at smaller laboratory testing services throughout the country.”

An effective approach to drug testing includes greater use of random testing of urine, blood, saliva, hair, nails, sweat and breath when those matrices match the intended assessment process. ACLS offers medical research, quality and expedient testing that exceeds current standards of clinical toxicology, providing clients with the highest toxicology and clinical testing in the industry, including drug testing of urine and oral fluids, and pharmacogenetics for personalized prescribing.

Robert T. Hettenbach, recent chair, Advanced Health Network IPA and president, PSCH, emphasizes the role of ACLS working with state and federal government, health plans, hospitals, providers, and most importantly patients to create value and better outcomes for all.

“By initiating ongoing innovations for toxicology testing, ACLS will implement more effective outreach, engagement, treatment, and coordination with the health and mental health systems and social supports,” says Hettenbach. “Accessible, reliable, and rapid testing enables care-givers and clients to get the information necessary to achieve highest quality and outcomes.  With implementation of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program and other healthcare reforms, the timing for ACLS innovations is ideal.”

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