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Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions, Inc. (ACLS®) is a clinical laboratory that meets the growing demands of the medical community of today, and prepares it for the future. We are driven by the increasing concern in the growing epidemic of prescription drugs abuse, and the increasing demand for quality toxicology and pharmacogenetic testing.

Clinical Toxicology

Through medical research, quality, and expedient testing that exceeds the standards of the new millennium, we provide our clients with the highest quality toxicology and clinical testing in the industry.


ACLS Pharmacogenomics Laboratory uses DNA testing to determine how an individual’s genetic profile affects their response to drugs. By correlating an individual’s genetic variation, Pharmacogenomics (PGx) will help in predicting particular drug’s efficacy and/or its toxicity. This kind of testing is the beginning of “personalized” or “precision medicine”; in which drugs and drug combinations are optimized for each individual’s unique genetic makeup. PGx has applications in any field of medicine, including cardiovascular disorders, oncology, mental health, HIV, tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, and pain management. Information about genotypes linked to drug metabolism may be used as an aid to clinicians in determining the best therapeutic strategy and treatment dose.