OFT – Oral Fluids Drug Testing

Oral fluid drug testing is an alternative to urine drug testing that is approved by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), but only when a qualified laboratory performs the specimen analysis. This simple, non-invasive method is rapidly proving itself to be an extremely effective tool for clinicians dedicated to providing exceptional and safe patient care. Since the collection of oral fluid specimens can be observed without infringing on privacy it does not suffer from the same issues regarding possible adulteration or substitution, as is common for urine testing. Oral fluid testing is a helpful resource for those seeking to detect recent use of drugs. Oral fluid testing provides ease and accuracy of collection. It is also a more cost-effective option that may be an attractive alternative to members of the health and legal community, including clinicians providing pain management and substance abuse treatment. ACLS Labs oral fluid drug monitoring solutions offer an extensive menu of test options.

With OFT testing, physicians can:

  • Have confidence in obtaining samples in almost any setting.
  • Track patient medication compliance, and make decisions regarding future outcomes.
  • Monitor for potential medication induced adverse effects and drug interactions.
  • Evaluate potential patient diversion and illicit drug use.
  • Evaluate recent drug use in new patients.
  • Evaluate and monitor therapy with controlled substances, and be able to make decisions based on the results.
  • Provide informed consent by communicating current and future therapy trends specifically designed for each individual.